Pray for the Luos Muslims in Kenya

The Luos are the second largest ethnic group in Kenya adding up to about 5 million people (the biggest being the Kikuju amounting to about 7.5 million). Traditionally they live in the area near Lake Victoria, but are also found scattered throughout the country, particularly in the urban centres. There are about 39 million people in total in Kenya.

Omar grew up as a Muslim but among Christians in his village. The shocking experience of seeing his brother dying as a result of an occult curse and sensing that he was himself also in serious danger was the catalyst that lead Omar to trust in the Messiah. The positive experiences with believers in his childhood and youth encouraged him to take this step. Today Omar is active in a group of believers and seeks to proclaim the Messiah to Muslims through song in Kenya.

Prayer Starters:

  • Many Muslims have had positive experiences with believers in their childhood. Pray that they would remember these experiences and seriously consider the possibility of encountering the Messiah for themselves.
  • Pray that believers find inspiration to live out their faith and proclaim the Good News in such a way that Muslims could be attracted to the Messiah.
  • Pray for the bodies of believers in East Africa, that they would not overlook Muslims around them, but meet them in love.

Key Scriptures:

Ezekiel 22:30

Video Prayer / Faith Fuel:

Nomie Testimony

From August 9th – September 9th 2010 Worldwide Mission Fellowship will be praying that Muslims around the world going through Ramadan will turn to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour, this is in conjunction with similar prayer strategies around the world supported by Open Doors and 30 days of Prayer. Our ultimate prayer is for their salvation. The site will be updated daily at 05:45 GMT to coincide with our early morning prayer meeting so you can join us in prayer wherever you are.