The Gospel of God


Today’s Reading: Jer 14:1–15:21, Rom 1:1–17, Prov 15:1–33 Today’s Theme: The Gospel of God Today we embark on one of the most fascinating journey’s as we enter the book of Romans which some would consider the greatest and most important letter in the NT. Today we only get to read Paul’s introduction to the letter […]

Procrastination vs Action


Today’s Reading:  2 Sam 20:1–21:22, 2 Pet 3:14–18, Ps 146:1–10 Today’s Theme: Procrastination vs Action Today’s theme will explore the many pitfalls of procrastination which is putting off what should be done today (delaying or postponing necessary action) and is synonymous with laziness, idleness and sluggishness. On the other hand we will look at the alternative to […]

Knowing your position


Today’s Reading:  2 Sam 19:1–43, 2 Pet 3:1–13, Ps 145:1–21 Today’s Theme: Knowing your position Today’s theme is about us knowing and staying within our position in Christ, the church and the world. We also look at God’s position toward us. 2 Samuel 19:1–43 Speaking out of position Then Joab came into the house to the king […]

Are You A Good Person?


Are You a Good Person? This media tract has been adapted from the original writing of Ray Comfort from The Way of the Master & Living Waters. This Tract uses the 10 commandments to show people that no one is righteous and that we all desperately need a savior. This is a WWMF Media Tract

Declare The Names of Christ


Jesus Christ our Lord & Savior Also is revealed to us through the Scripture by many names titles and appellations, these again reveal to us the person plan and heart of God in the Son. As you watch this video presentation mediate upon Jesus in all his roles and offices and declare the truth of […]