First time experience in Israel

When I first arrived in Israel, I was blown away by the scenery and the landscape of Jerusalem. So far my experience in Israel is life changing. I find it really hard to comprehend that we are walking in the same streets that Jesus walked. Visiting Israel has given me a deeper understanding of the Bible because I can physically see the places that I read about within Bible that brings the scriptures to life. I’ve only been here for a day. However, I’ve been to many sites that have so much meaning and weight that I’ll never forget it. For example, we went to the Wailing Wall where I had the opportunity to pray and write down my request, this was definitely a special moment for me, because it gave me an insight into the Jewish tradition, alongside seeing the women pray next to me so passionately, it was very inspiring.

Overall my encounter in the Holy land has been a life changing experience thus far. It’s very surreal that I’m in the land of Israel, where our Lord and saviour grew up and lived. I am looking forward to the rest of the trip and my life. Shalom.

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