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Session 7: Secret Underground Intelligence

Session 7: Secret…

Session 7 - Secret Underground Intelligence from Worldwide Mission Fellowship on Vimeo. Pamela

Session 6: You Are A Royal Priesthood

Session 6: You Are A…

Pamela Suran continues her series, this time looking at the priesthood of all believers at the

Session 5: Women’s Dinner Message

Session 5: Women’s…

Session 5: Women's Dinner Message from Worldwide Mission Fellowship on Vimeo. Randi Johansen

Session 4 – Randi Johansen And Kjersti Wroldsen

Session 4: God’s…

Session 4: God’s Plan For You from Worldwide Mission Fellowship on Vimeo. Randi Johansen And

Session 3 – Pamela Suran

Session 3: Addressing…

Session 3: Addressing Proverbs 31:30 – Seminar 2 from Worldwide Mission Fellowship on

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Daily Bible Reading Notes


The Attributes of God…

Today's Reading: Hos 11:1–12:14, Acts 5:1–42, Job 16:10–22 Today's Theme: The attributes of


Rebellion vs God’s Spirit…

Today's Reading: Hos 8:1–10:15, Acts 4:1–37, Job 16:1–9 Today's Theme: Rebellion vs


The Church…

Today's Reading: Hos 6:1–7:16, Acts 2:42–3:26, Job 15:21–35 Today's Theme: The church or marks


Filled with The Holy…

Today's Reading: Hos 3:1–5:15, Acts 2:1–41, Job 15:10–20 Today's Theme: Filled with


Enduring Love…

Today's Reading: Hos 1:1–2:23, Acts 1:1–26, Job 15:1–9 Today's Theme: Enduring Love Today we

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The Gospel Series

21 The Call

21 The Call…

Listen to the call to be reconciled to God today. See additional clips from the The Gospel at

20 Working it Out – Part ll

20 Working it Out –…

Listen to Pastor Dennis Greenidge and Pastor Rosemary Taylor teach us on some of the ways that

19 Working It Out

19 Working It Out…

So now we have established what is and what is not the Gospel we need to consider the Gospels

18 Bad People

18 Bad People…

"For everyone who does wicked things hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his

17 Foolish People

17 Foolish People…

"The fool says in his heart, "There is no God." They are corrupt, doing abominable iniquity;

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