Macedonia 24 – 28 August 2017

Our journey begins the early hours of Thursday morning 24th August 17 at Stansted airport.

As we board the plane there is a tremendous air of excitement we are actually beginning our journey to Macedonia following in the footsteps of the Apostle Paul.

Our plane lands in Sofia Bulgaria, we clear immigration collect our luggage and board our transportation to begin our five hours drive to Skopje the capital city of Macedonia.

We do not have a clue of where we are going, never met the people we are going to yet we know that we are launching out in total faith with the Holy Spirit directing our steps. He never makes mistakes and we can have total confidence in Him knowing that we are embarking on a divine assignment.

Photos of landscape seen on journey from Bulgaria to Macedonia

We arrived safely at our destination and off loaded our luggage at the Kalonis hotel in Skopje, we were warmly welcomed by Boris the hotel owner

After checking in we were so excited we decided to explore our surroundings many of us were still pinching ourselves because it was so hard to believe that we were actually in a land named in the Bible. Had anyone told us at the beginning of the year that we would be in Macedonia we would probably have laughed because no such thought had even entered our wildest dreams.

Taking a walk to the city we began to explore Skopje by day

By night

Macedonia is celebrating 500 years of the Reformation and the establishing of Evangelical Christianity.

Throughout the summer the evangelical churches have come together to celebrate what God has done and Sincere Praise was invited to minister from Friday to Sunday holding a concert, leading praise and worship with Pastor Rosemary ministering the Word of God in church services.

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