Saturday 26 August Concert at Djambaz

On Saturday evening the 500 years celebration continued with a concert at Dijambaz.

Once again, we experienced the awesome presence of the Holy Spirit just sweeping through the building. A Christian doctor testified of praying and asking God to refresh her, she said she was crying out to God and tonight He answered her prayer. A praise and worship leader said that before we arrived she had lost hope, everything around her seemed hopeless and she was in such a low place, hearing Sincere Praise sing and Pastor Rosemary share the Word restored and empowered her to continue in serve the Lord with joy.

People were liberated, dancing jumping and praising God. Young people were inspired to continue to serve the Lord. A man whom we had invited from our street evangelism came with a friend he also posted the event on Facebook. He was overwhelmed by the love of God. He was sitting at the back of the concert hall then found himself standing right at the front. For Him the song ‘Oh Happy Day’ was a great blessing. He said that Gospel singers do not come to Macedonia, so hearing Sincere Praise was a tremendous blessing.

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