31 August 2017 – Evangelical Pentecostal Church in Nesebar

Tonight, we were in an established evangelical Pentecostal church in Nesebar which is 30 kilometres from Burgas. This is also a popular holiday resort where people from all over Bulgaria come to spend their summer holidays.

As we entered this lovely relatively new church building we could feel the presence of the Lord. We were welcomed by pastor Christo. His eldest son Daniel was our interpreter. It was amazing to learn that Daniel learnt to speak English as a small boy by watching English cartoons on the television and later went on to learn how to write English at school. He did an excellent job interpreting both Pastor Rosemary and the choir.

When the choir went on to the platform there was an air of expectancy. From the first song, they sang the congregation immediately stood to their feet and remained standing throughout the songs, clapping and lifting their hands in worship. Although the
congregation did not initially know the words of the songs they gradually caught on and began to sing along, especially the young people.

As we progressed through the songs exuberant praise broke forth. A lady who had travelled from Sofia with her two children on holiday, was so moved that she could not stop crying and saying, ‘in your songs I felt Jesus and that was just for me’ she could not speak very much English so she just kept repeating these words.

When the Word went forth people sat listening intently, at the end they just kept clapping to show that they had accepted the Word that was delivered.

Pastor Christo led the church in a powerful prayer thanking God for sending our team to them and blessed our pastors and the church back home. He felt that this was the beginning
of a new relationship and we were a great encouragement to them.

Once again, we give God all the glory and thanks for yet another open door!

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