Burgos Sunday 3 September 2017

By Revd Rosemary Taylor and Janet Handy

The Sunday morning service was held at the Aqua Hotel because of the on-going situation with the authorities not giving the local Pentecostal church the permission to complete their church building. This has been going on for the last ten years. The foundation was laid then the authorities stopped the building work because members of the local Committee did not want a church in that prime area, so the fight continues. Please remember this church in your prayers.

Today was our last day on this mission trip. There was just a handful of the team left. God took the little and made it much! As the choir begun to sing the Holy Spirit magnified the voices so they sounded like the full body of the choir. There was such a wind of the Holy Spirit filling the room, that we sensed His presence in an awesome way!
As the choir led the praise and worship there was a liberty, people stood and worshipped freely opening their hearts to the move of the Holy Spirit.

The message went forth from Psalms 116:12-19, the key text was verse 14. Revd Taylor spoke about the importance of keeping vows and how God never breaks His vows to His people. Therefore, we can trust Him to do the impossible in our lives!

When the altar call was made there was such a tremendous response that not everyone could get to the front. People were queuing down the central aisle patiently waiting for prayer. God met their needs in a miraculous way. A lady afterwards testified of receiving
instant physical healing. She had a persistent spinal pain for six months which would not shift and was in constant debilitating pain. Immediately as hands were laid on her the pain left. Hallelujah!

God had prepared us for this beforehand through our daily Bible reading plan Acts 2:42-47
The healing of the lame man at the Gate Beautiful.

People were lining up to tell of what God had done in their bodies and personal lives, through healing and spiritual deliverance. Who is like unto our God! He gets all the glory because without Him we can do nothing!

Tomorrow Monday 4th September 2017 we return to London but we will never forget this glorious time of ministry as we were co-workers with the Lord Jesus Christ in Macedonia and Bulgaria.

We thank the pastors in Macedonia and Bulgaria for opening their doors and welcoming us in to their churches and Joel and Madeline for all their help in organising this trip.

It has been a great privilege sharing our experiences through this blog with our church family and friends. Thank you for standing with us in fervent prayer, God has heard and answered! AMEN!


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